Digi School

HCL Smart Techno Digi-School

St.Anthony's High School believes concept based education, only through which a student can win the toughest of the academic and talent & competitive examinations like IIT, Medical, Civil service Examinations.

St.Anthony's High School replaces the conventional method of teaching with high quality digitized content and the latest teaching tools , making learning a highly interactive ,exciting , enjoyable experience for students.It does not just empower teachers to help students grasp complex and dry conceptswith ease, but also gives students a whole new perspective on learning. Every Classroom is equipped with an interactive white board , a computer, Internet and LCD Projector. A Central Server will be placed in a separate room in the school and connected to all the classrooms. English, Maths, Science & Social of all the Classes will be taught through HCL Smart Techno Digi School programme. Each programme is structured in such a way that the students are thorough on all basic concepts before they go for higher education.

Daily SMS Alerts

St. Anthony's High School introduces daily SMS alerts to parents and teachers,based on home work, late coming, holidays , leaves , absentees, reports and so on.


St.Anthony's High School provides advancedinfrastructure and facilities for the students to explorenew world of innovations. Emphasis is placed on self learning process across curriculum by providing labs like Computer lab , Science lab, Linguistic lab, library and so on.